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Induction loop+ earpiece

Product code:TE-21
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Warranty:2 years
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Beige cable + beige handset STANDARD TE-02 75.00 IN STOCK
Beige cable + black handset MicSpy TE-09 75.00 IN STOCK
Black loop + beige earphone STANDARD TE-02 75.00 IN STOCK
Black loop + black earphone MicSpy TE-09 75.00 IN STOCK

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Induction loop+ earpiece
State-of-the-art technology is essential in situations when you require secret communications. Extra-small spy earpieces and microphone let you receive real-time information or communicate without being noticed. Use is suitable for students, officials, private detectives, entrepreneurs, players, politicians. A large group of people can find use for this incredible new device. The necklace with wireless earpiece is designed to provide wireless connection with mobile phones for worldwide use. This earpiece is designed for use in situations when a person needs to communicate secretly. Light necklace and earpiece are lightweight and very easy to use.
How to use the necklace with wireless earpiece:
Step 1: Insert the battery into the earpiece and put the earpiece inside your ear. The figure below shows how deep the STANDARD earpiece needs to be inserted. The stored micro earpiece in the ear is completely invisible.

Step 2: The necklace (transmitter) works with a 3.5 mm stereo device. Connect the necklace (transmitter) to the mobile phone. Put the phone and necklace imperceptibly under the clothes. If the signal is very weak, you must store the micro earpiece at a shorter distance from the necklace.
The STANDARD earpiece is known as the best and most popular invisible spy handset in value for money. It is very popular because it has many advantages such as a sensitive coil receiver, a stable micro speaker, good construction, clearer audio output and a long battery life. The invisible earpiece has an anatomical shape to prevent sound leakage from the ear to the surroundings. Nobody will even notice that you wear it in your ear. The color of the micro earpiece is in full body (light) color for maximum elimination or body color, but with a black end. Included are 2 pieces of 337 batteries. Battery life in this spy earpiece is 5-6 hours.

More batteries can be ordered here.


Earpiece specification:

  • Dimensions: 3x6x8 mm
  • Weight: 0,8 g (including battery)
  • Standard zinc-air batteries: type 337
  • Battery life: about 5 hours
  • Receiving distance: 50 - 70 cm  

Package contents:

1 x Light/Black cable handsfree

1 x Spy earpiece - price for earpiece with black or light end is the same, when ordering choose the color in shopping cart

2 x Battery for earpiece 337 / SR416SW

1 x User manual

1 x Safe packaging


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