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Earpiece + GSM loop with 10w amplifier

Product code:GSM M02
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Warranty:2 years
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Čierny GSM model + Magnetické mikroslúchadlo 140.00 IN STOCK
Svetlý GSM model + Magnetické mikroslúchadlo 140.00 IN STOCK
Čierny GSM model + Najmenšie spy slúchadlo 166.00 IN STOCK
Svetlý GSM model + Najmenšie spy slúchadlo 166.00 IN STOCK



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Spy earphone PROFI
71.00 €


Earpiece + GSM loop with 7w amplifier 


The GSM loop has a built-in module for receiving and transmitting GSM signal. Powerful 7-Watt amplifier ensures clear sound in the spy earpiece. You need to insert a classic SIM card into the device, you do not need a mobile phone. The device is then ready to receive calls as with a normal mobile phone. The range of the GSM module to the earpiece is 60-70 cm (when using a magnetic earpiece, the range is 30-40 cm). You can hide your device in your pocket, under your clothes, or anywhere within the range of wireless earpiece. GSM BOX with micro spy earpiece guarantees you two-way hidden connection without a mobile phone. It has a built-in microphone with high sensitivity (40 dB).
Use: on exams, business meetings or conferences. For officials, private investigators, entrepreneurs, players, politicians ... etc. For fun with your friends.

Features and advantages over older models:
Highly sensitive built-in microphone
Automatic call answering, which can "save you" in some situations.
High-quality 5 W amplifier that delivers clear and clear sound to your handset.
Built-in rechargeable battery with large capacity guarantees 8 hours talk time and about 300 hours standby time.
The distance between the GSM box and the earpiece can be 70 cm.
Hidden mobile communication without a mobile phone.
Compatibility with all mobile operators.
How to use:
Step 1: Insert the SIM card (with the PIN code off) into the GSM induction loop and press ON / OFF for approx. 3 seconds. No need to carry a mobile phone or cables! As soon as your partner dials the call, the GSM box automatically answers and the two-way communication can begin.
Step 2: Insert the battery into the mini earpiece and put the earpiece into your ear. You can hear your partner via the earpiece in your ear, and you can talk to your partner via the microphone in the GSM box if necessary.
Step 3: Use the GSM mobile phone to call the number of the SIM card located in the induction loop.
Step 4: Now you can talk to the GSM loop and listen through the earpiece. Set the volume + / - as required.
Step 5: To switch off, press ON / OFF for approx. 3 seconds, the red LED flashes 3 times - the device is off.
Why should you buy the invisible earpiece with us?
  • We are a direct importer and offer the best prices
  • 24 months Guaranty
  • We have been operating on the market for more than 10 years, we don’t recommend goods from unverified sellers.
  • We test all goods before shipment
  • Mini dimensions 3x5x7mm
  • Bracelet includes powerful 7W amplifier and microphone
  • We offer expert advice  
Package contents:
1 x GSM module in protective cover
1 x USB charger
1 x Network adapter
1 x Spy handset - price for handset with black or light end is the same, when ordering in basket choose color
2 x Battery 337 / SR416SW
1 x User manual

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