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CC-308 RF & Camera Detector 

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CC-308 RF & Camera Detector 
The CC308 RF Detector & Camera Finder lets you check your surroundings for hidden cameras and audio bugs. You never know when someone may be monitoring you or your family without your knowledge. You can use the device to prevent eavesdropping and unwanted spying at home, in the office, in a hotel room, in your car, and just about everywhere else. Ensure your privacy with the CC308 RF Detector & Camera Finder.The CC308 RF Detector & Camera Finder will detect any wireless device that uses a radio frequency including audio bugs, Wi-Fi cameras, and other Wi-Fi-connected devices. The lights on the CC308 RF Detector & Camera Finder will start flashing when there’s a wireless device within a 30-foot radius. The lights on the RF detector will get stronger the closer you get to the wireless device. Follow the strength of the signal until you locate the device in question.The CC308 RF Detector & Camera Finder is also designed to detect hidden cameras that don’t use a radio signal, including wired hidden cameras that aren’t connected to the internet.  CC308 RF Detector & Camera Finder features a red LED light that reflects off of the lenses of any hidden cameras that might be hiding around the room. Just scan your surroundings with the device up to your eye until you see a reflection from the lens of a hidden camera. Compact and covert, the CC308 RF Detector & Camera Finder is less than 6 inches long and weighs just  2 ounces. You can easily carry it around in your bag or your pocket. If you’re going on a trip or staying in multiple locations, bring along the CC308 RF Detector & Camera Finder for continuous privacy protection.You don’t need to be near a power outlet to use the CC308 RF Detector & Camera Finder. The device runs onbuilt-in rechargeable battery for detecting hidden cameras and audio bugs on the go. 

  • Laser detection camera: distance 10cm-10M (detectable by the naked eye)
  • Strength in 50mV-200mv detection range: 30-50cm
  • Power in 300mV-600mv detection range: 100-200cm
  • Power in 800mV-1200mv detection range: 300-800Cm
  • Battery: Built-in lithium battery 45mAh
  • Reception frequency: 1MHz-6500MHz
  • Material: ABS
  • Dimensions: 93mm x 48mm x 17mm
  • Weight: 58 g
Laser detection
Vibration detection
Audio detection
LED display detection
 Package contens:
 1 x Detector
1 x AC adapter
1 x Headphones
1 x User manual 

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