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Voice recorder - highest possible recording quality MEMOQ PCM-008

Product code:MemoQ PCM-008
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Voice recorder - highest possible recording quality 

This is a beautiful, smart and modern writing pen which offers outstanding audio recording in PCM format. PCM stands for Pulse Code Modulation and typically seperates the wheat from the chaff, so you can be assured of fantastic sound quality. The pen is equipped with a barely noticable digital OLED display which provides easy access to the menu settings. When recordings are activated, the microphone is capable of picking up distances some 30 feet away from where the Executive Pen Voice Recorder is placed.The pen oozes quality workmanship, not only a stunning pen to carry but also superb high quality digital voice voice recorder. Although by appearance the Executive Pen Voice Recorder looks completely normal by visual inspection, it should not be confused as a typical 'spy pen'. With both manual and voice activated recording modes, you can carry the pen about your person, or casually leave the pen behind on a desk, or shelf, to capture important meetings, interviews, dictation or verbal slander at the highest order.The USB port at the top of the pen is designed for easy connection to a computer in order to recharge and access the recorded audio files however, we supply a small plastic pen cap which simply plugs into the USB port to hide this fact.  Whilst we feel the pen cap isn't a necessity, it does add extra confidence should the pen be visually glanced.Finished in a black slimline aluminium design, the Executive Pen Voice Recorder can also be used as a Mass Storage to store important files, pictures or documents, and because its appearance is that of a normal writing pen - who would ever suspect?There is no software to install, no setup procedures, and during recording there are no flashing lights, beeping noises or moving parts.A luxury design and top quality workmanship for close quarter recording or from a fair distance for evidential audio purposes.


Package contens:
1 x Recorder in pen
1 x Headphones
1 x Power adapter
1 x User manual
  • Memory: 1GB (up to  130 hours in recording, in quality PCM only 3hod!) 
  • Four adjustable recording modes: PCM, XHQ, HQ, LP 
  • Battery: 180mAh Li-battery 
  • Staying power: up to 13 hours of recording in a single charge or 10 daysin standby time
  • Audio / Voice detection mode recording (VOS) 
  • Level of recording on VOR: 60 db 
  • Battery charging: 2,5 hours 
  • System support: Windows / Mac 
  • Control using: remote control and OLED display 
  • Possibility to play records: directly from rewriting 
  • Size:  11,4 x 142,5 mm 
  • Weight: 21 g

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