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Professional portable voice changer

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Product code:VC300
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Professional portable voice changer 
The portable voice changer is perfect for anyone looking to disguise their voice. Bosses might want to call their employees to test customer service skills. Parents might want to call their teenagers at home alone to see if they are behaving. This voice changer lets you adjust the pitch of your voice a lot or little for any covert situation. This unit comes with built-in microphone, an output for speaker for recording devices, and a 14-pitch range. Just speak into the built-in microphone and the changer projects your altered voice. This top of the line gadget also has volume controls and secures to most phones with its Velcro strap. Lastly, it runs off a single 9V battery (not included). VC300: Portable Voice Changer Features are Portable, 14 pitch range, Works with most phones. This voice changer is not designed to mimic celebrity voices or convincingly change genders. It is meant to disguise your voice.High performance-to-price ratio. High quality, good frequency response. Low power consumption. Two lithium batteries, long battery life, up to 8 hours, charging low voltage protection function. Loudspeaker enclosure is ABS material, case with strap, can be worn at the waist. Suitable for teaching, tour guiding, sales promotion, and speech, etc. Mini Gadgets Inc. promises that the VC300 Portable Voice Changer works with most phones but does not provide a list of compatible cellphones. When it works, the device can change the pitch of your voice. While it might alter the tone of your voice, the manufacturer states that the device cannot convincingly make you sound like someone from a different gender. The VC300 offers 14 pitch changes, and you can select the degree of voice alteration with a dial. The dial goes from -7 through 0 to 7. Fourteen settings is pretty high for a portable voice changer. However, the VC300 only changes the pitch of a voice and not its timbre.



Professional voice changer
Lightweight, compact, high-quality material
Works on 9V battery (not included)
Easy to use
Fits almost all phones, even mobile phones
  • Connection to 9V battery
  • 16 position of the voice changer
  • Dimensions: 15x7x3 cm
  • Weight: 203g
Package contens:
1 x Voice changer
1 x Ear phone

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