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C80 Universal Digital Car GPS HUD Heads Up Display Speedometer

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C80 Universal Digital Car GPS HUD Heads Up Display Speedometer
Keep your eyes on the road
At 65 mph, looking down for one second to check the speedometer means driving blind for 95 feet. Many accidents start during the time a driver glances down and fails to see sudden traffic changes ahead. Now, drive safely by never looking down to check speed again.

Know your true speed
The HUD uses GPS to determine the true speed of the vehicle. There are several reasons why there may be a difference between the speed displayed on the car's speedometer and the HUD. 
  • calibration set by vehicle manufacturers to read high to ensure their speedometers never indicate a lower speed than the actual speed of the vehicle.
  • speedometer inaccuracy due to aftermarket modifications such as different tire and wheel sizes or different differential gearing.

Head-up shows driving speed
Easy to set up
Compatible with all cars
MPH or KM / h display
Automatic brightness adjustment with day and night driving sensor
Set a speed warning
Total mileage after stopping the vehicle
View altitude




  • Model: C80
  • Type: Auto HUD
  • Dimensions: 150 * 59 * 16mm
  • Material: ABS + PC
  • Color: black
  • Screen size: 101 * 55 mm
  • Input voltage: DC 5V
  • Input current: DC 50-120mA
  • Operating temperature: -30 ~ 80 ° C

Package contens: 
1 x GPS HUD speedometer C80
1 x USB charging cable
1 x Holder
1 x Rubber
1 X User Manual

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