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 Bluetooth transmitter and wireless micro earpiece

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Improved Bluetooth loop + 10W amplifier - light color 65.00 IN STOCK
Improved Bluetooth loop + 10W amplifier - black color with external microphone 65.00 IN STOCK

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Spy earphone PROFI
71.00 €

 Bluetooth transmitter and wireless micro earpiece
This is our new bluetooth covert communication system. It creates more power than the other any bluetooth transmitter to drive the micro covert earpiece. With the built-in 3 Watt amplifier now offers more stronger output audio signal and same power consumption. To use bluetooth transmitter with wireless earpiece you will get louder sounds and further transmission distance. SBL01-ST bluetooth transmitter compatible with any micro earpiece from our shop.



Easy cheat - all you need is included.
Includes everything you need to covert wireless communications can start.
One set includes micro earpiece, Wireless bluetooth neck loop, charger socket and USB cable,  
a battery for the micro ear and user manuel in English
New design and shape
Build-in 3watt amplifier which produce very strong power to wireless earpiece.
Compact and slim size offers comfortable use and well hidden under your clothes
Bluetooth transmitter is availlabel in 2 colors (skin and black)
The choice between many different types of micro ear
Standard model for SBL01ST bluetooth transmitter is SE02S micro ear skin.
You can also choose other models such as SE01, SE02B(black or skin), SE03(black or skin), SE04(pro ear)
2 batteries are supplied as standard. More batteries can be ordered!
Mute function key makes it posible to instant stop audio transmission to avoid detectors.
Telephone conversation remains active even if you press mute button.
Build-in 3.5 watt amplifier
With the build-in amplifier, the sound quality is significantly better and higher transmission distace.
Although bluetooth transmitter is in your pocket, the quality is still good.
SOS function key make it to posible to remind your partner.
Just press SOS Button and your partner will hear a signal immediately.



Bluetooth device specification:

  • Size: 2.7x5.9x1.9cm
  • Necklace: 84cm
  • Color: black, body
  • Transmitting range: handset <40 cm, cellphone <10 meter
  • Battery life: 12 hours
  • Standby time: 150 hours
Package contens:
1 x The latest bluetooth necklace - no spy handset
1 x USB cable
1 x Charging  Adapter
1 x User manual

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