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Basic induction loop 9V + magnetic micro earpiece

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Basic induction loop 9V + magnetic micro earpiece


We offer you the world's smallest invisible earpiece with an incredible size of 2x3 mm. Due to its size, the earpiece is applied directly to the ear canal, preventing the earpiece from being seen by anyone. A magnetic stick is provided with the magnetic earpiece to remove the earpiece from the ear.


When does the invisible earpiece come in handy?


It can be used especially in the area of criminal evidence, during studies, in the protection of persons and property, on radio, it is suitable for lecturers, actors in theaters and etc.

How to use necklace with wireless earpiece:


Insert the micro earpiece carefully into your ear. The stored micro earpiece in the ear is completely invisible. The earpiece is placed directly in the ear canal, allowing you to hear clearly what your friend says on the other side of the phone. This earpiece is very small and therefore fits deep into the ear canal near the eardrum (it is recommended not to put your head too far to the side to prevent the earpiece from falling out of your ear). When the earpiece reaches the correct depth, you will hear a sound (small bang), that is, the earpiece touched the eardrum. The earpiece must touch your eardrum, otherwise you will hear no sound or only a low sound. For a louder sound, place one earpiece in the left ear and the other in the right ear. Earpieces cannot be seen in the ear. These earpieces do not have a battery. The earpiece acts as a radio that receives a signal from a transmitter hanging around your neck, powered by two 9V batteries.


The invisible earpiece is only a few millimeters in size and is completely lost in the ear canal. There is no cable to the earpiece, so communication is completely wireless. It is compatible with any type of mobile phone. This system has a 3.5mm jack for a 3.5mm phone's jack.



Allows to secretly listen

 Miniature dimensions (2 x 2mm)

 Possibility of pairing with an induction loop


Main differences from other earpieces:

 The smallest invisible earpiece of all

 Doesn´t require any batteries

 Some may find putting the earpiece to the eardrum uncomfortable

 This invisible earpiece model is not equipped with a speaker and the sound is generated by vibrations that are transmitted directly to the eardrum.


Package contents:
1 x Induction loop
1 x Magnetic stick
1 x Magnetic earpiece(2x small part and 1x large part)
1 x User manual

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